Live Streaming

Green Light N Go LLC has a technical, mobile setup and workflow that supports a livestream with superior production values offering your organization an opportunity to communicate with users like never before. Lighting, proper compression on the voices of your presenters, compositing and branding elements can elevate your presentation, all in real time, streamed directly to Facebook profiles and branded pages, YouTube, and a universe of other streaming-sites as live events where you can also interact with your audience.

Great production values begin not with lighting and makeup but with PLANNING. Outlining, storyboarding and clearly defined roles during the live production is a must. You don’t have to read from a script, but it’s important to know what you want to discuss. We can help turn those desired discussion goals into mini-segments and trigger relevant graphics or charts onto the screen to support your topics as you discuss them. Send us your company logo and style preferences and we can work those into the broadcast as well. Music, credits, on screen text…all of these can be worked into your broadcast.

Gear, and Setup
We have a small, unobtrusive gear setup of DLSRs, a field audio mixer, a laptop running professional broadcasting software, some small monitors, lapel mics, lights and a green screen if you want to get fancy. We will oversee all the technical aspects of the broadcast in real time as it happens. Everything can fit in a small conference room if necessary.

Moderated Real Time Discussion
We bet you’re probably confident presenting and can handle going completely live. In that case we can help moderate your real time user feedback in the comments section. We’ll monitor for any unwanted activity, trolls and suspicious links. We’ll work with your team to identify the “good questions” and relay them back to you via teleprompt, verbally, IM…whatever works best so you may reply to your audience as your see fit.

Go Live, Without the Stagefright

If you’re less confident or not comfortable being truly live, we can pre-record the meatier parts of your broadcast and then stream them LIVE. Then you can focus entirely on the real time feedback in the comment section of your post. You don’t have to be on camera at all if you don’t want to! Whether truly live or just “virtually” there’s a range of creative scenarios wherein you can showcase your brand.

Stream Live Events, LIVE!
Maybe you want to share speeches, visiting lecturers, a concert, game…we can bring our gear and broadcast these things to your social channels as well. We could even setup a tradeshow kiosk with a live feed where you can interact with your commenters. We are also creative thinkers at Green Light N Go LLC and are always prepared to brainstorm with you. Let’s talk!